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Often we think we can only worship by singing gospel music in church, in our car or in our home. That is one way of worship, but worship can look different for different people. One of my favorite forms of worship is writing poetry. On this page I wanted to share a couple of my writings with you as well as some of my favorite verses. I hope to continue to add more in the coming months.

Favorite Verses

You Are

The way, the truth and the life

That is exactly who you are/

When we’re searching for peace,

We don’t have to look that far/


You are the one true vine

You overcame death for us/

All we have to do is believe 

There’s nothing further to discuss/


You are the good shepherd,

One that leaves the 99/

You perform miracles

Like turning water into wine/


We no longer walk in darkness 

You are the light to our feet/

We are bought with a price 

And You are our receipt/

  • John 14:6

  • 1 John 4:19

  • Romans 8:28

  • Mark 12:30-31

  • Matthew 11:28

Jesus Loves You


Love your Lord with all your soul

Love your Lord with all your heart/

To love our neighbor as ourselves

Is all you wanted from the start/


No greater commandment

You showed us the only way/

We hold on to your every word,

You’ve never led us astray/


In 1 John 4:18

You make it very clear/

We should not be afraid 

Perfect Love expels all fear/


Faith, hope, and love

Those three are here to stay/

To help us live in that,

Is what we’ll forever pray/

Faith: Welcome
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