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"What My Mother Hid From Me," is thrilling flash fiction about a young girl named Leah and her journey to find the truth about the main players in her life. We all want the truth, but how many of us can truly handle it?


I dedicate this book to my Uncle Bini. You are everything positive mentioned about the “Uncle Benny” character in this book, and zero of the negative. Thank you for letting me steal your name for this project. I love and appreciate you!


I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of my family and friends that continue to inspire me. I would like to list each of you on here, but I know it’ll hurt me to leave someone off that I shouldn’t. I want to tell you I love and appreciate each of you. You continue to amaze me with your strong work ethic, and how you are living your life. My prayer is to so see you all at the top of your crafts. Always keep God number one.
                                              1 John 4:19

Image by Christian Wiediger

I need more, well written

I can picture the scene as I was reading it, well written. The story keeps you engaged the whole time.

Image by Christian Wiediger

Loved It!!

Great quick read! 10/10 recommend

Image by Christian Wiediger

Great short read!

Very intriguing!! Love this book. It’s such a great read in a short book format. I would highly recommend. Only negative is that it wasn’t long enough!!

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