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There once was an old lady

She lived all the way in France/

She never talked to anyone

All she did was dance/

She danced in her home

She danced in the street/

Strangers loved her

She was quite the treat/

She danced late at night

She danced during the day/

She knew every single dance

She even did ballet/

The old lady got sick

But that didn’t slow her down/

That’s when everybody knew

She was the best dancer in town/


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About the Book

Unity Children's Poetry Book is an interactive book for children.


These poems were written to entertain, educate, and inspire.

After reading a poem on the left side of the page, children will have an opportunity to draw their interpretation of what they just read on the right side of the page.


These poems also have an intriguing rhyme scheme that will be fun for memorization.

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